Readers React

Readers React

Readers React to Free Surface Effect

K. Bynum

“I couldn’t stop reading it. From the opening mushy live stuff to a beheading to a freak torturing someone? Loved it!!! Start to finish, I could not put it down.  You should make this into a movie too!! It is awesome!!” – K. Bynum

D. Zattau

“I love the book! It’s scary in that I believe it could possibly happen (yikes!), at least with what I know about cruise liner security. Good job!”

Jo Ann Holt – Focus Daily News

“It’s good to have Parker Glynn back in action, keeping the terrorists and bad guys at bay. Looking forward to Glynn’s next page-turning adventure!”


Readers React To Doppelgänged

Parker Francis, author of the Quint Mitchell Mysteries

“Whittington has crafted a chilling thriller with a resourceful and intelligent protagonist. Dopplegänged gets into your head like the story’s wickedly clever device promising instant happiness, but delivering deadly results. Hang on for a wild ride.”


Alison Trinidad, Jacksonville Magazine

“Embattled businessman Parker Glynn is tasked with uncovering the truth behind an experimental device designed to fulfill one’s deepest desires but soon finds himself fighting for his life. Fans of suspense will enjoy Dopplegänged, which takes readers on an exciting trip into a world rife with intrigue, conspiracy and lust.”


Readers React to Second Strike

Dad of Divas (May 24, 2011)

I truly enjoyed this book. I have read many suspense novels in the past, from James Patterson to Robert Patterson and more, and this book follows suit. The author has done an amazing job at capturing the interest and attention of the reader with a fast-paced, engaging and entertaining read! This book is one that will truly make you think about what could happen if terrorists get their way. The book has great characters and a plot that will keep you engaged and asking for more from the beginning to end!

Lee Scott, The Florida Times Union: Second Strike is a “page-turner” (4/4/10)

“It’s shortly after 9/11, and another terrorist cell is preparing an attack on American soil.  First-time author R.P. Whittington has fashioned a fast-paced adventure story around a tragedy that has affected all our lives. By placing his novel in Jacksonville, he brings home the reality that we all could be victims of fanatical terrorists at any time. On the surface, this self-published novel has a satisfying plot. At times, it requires a major amount of suspension of disbelief. Despite its weaknesses, it is a true page-turner.”

“Story is Fantastic”

“Excellent job on your book! I thought it was really good! Only question now is, when are you going to make the movie?  I’m sure you’ll sell a ton of these books.  The story is fantastic.”

D. McBride, Jacksonville Beach, Florida


“I just finished Second Strike. So awesome! It was exciting and I found myself not wanting to put it down! You should be proud of yourself! And the ending….OOOHHHH! Time to start another one….”

R. Weatherford, Atlanta

“You Won’t Forget It”

“Second Strike is a really good read and delivers a final ending that is shocking.  We have all been living with the threat of more terrorist attacks for almost a decade now and wondering what the next targets will be. Second Strike presents a target that is so frightening, and yet so real, that you won’t be able to forget it!”

M. Kaye, Jacksonville, Florida